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Walker Prices

Model Name Price $US
CW-1A Multi-Function Walker 140.00
SM-1A Shopmate 110.00
PD-1B 2 Level Walker 44.00
PD-13 3 Wheeled Rollator Walker 79.00
PD-14 4 Wheeled Rollator Walker 89.00
PD-16 4 Wheeled Rollator Walker 83.00
PD-19 4 Wheeled Rollator Walker 120.00
WS-1 Walk'N Sit
» 5" x 2 Dual spring loaded wheel assembly add:
» 2 swivel back wheels add:
RW-1 Reciprocal Walker 39.00
CA-1 Companion Carrier 25.00
CO-1 Reclining Commode 130.00

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Standard Manual
Wheelchair Prices

Model Price $US
MS100-SF 140.00
MS100-EL 160.00

Deluxe Manual Wheelchair Prices

Model Price $US
MS200-SF 180.00
MS200-EL 195.00

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Oxygen Cart Prices

Model Name Price $US
OT-1 Oxygen 'E' Tank Carrier - Round 20.00
OT-1A Oxygen 'E' Tank Carrier - Round with Wheel Assembly 30.00
OT-2 Oxygen 'E' Tank Carrier - Rectangular 25.00
OT-2A Oxygen 'E' Tank Carrier - Rectangular with Wheel Assembly 35.00

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Cane Prices

Model Price $US
PD-3 10.00
PD-3B 11.00
PD-4 11.00
PD-7 13.00
PD-8 11.00
PD-9 21.00/pair
Walking Cane 8.50

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